Aug 312013
A clock representing the future

The year is 2113 and no-one knows that Luke Bailey, 41 of Wolverhampton, ever existed.

Here at the Firenado offices we often receive communications from the Firenado office of the future via a timewarp conduit – a common piece of technology in 2113.

We got in touch with Luke Bailey. “What are you talking about?” Luke said.

We then told Luke, how not a single living sole in 2013 knew that Luke Bailey had ever been and what is more, there is no evidence that he had ever existed. “So I didn’t finish writing that book?” Luke asked. “You did Luke, but no-one apart from you ever read it. The only copy was thrown into a skip, less than 24 hours after you died.” We informed Luke.

After a long and frankly awkward silence, Luke asked, “But what about my kids and grandkids? My wife and I have just started trying to have a child.” What can we say Luke? Stop trying.

We then told Luke, the exact time, date and circumstance of his death. “Why would you tell me that?”

Luke thanked us for passing on all this information the only way he knew how, by saying, “Go away!” You’re welcome.

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