May 132013

Sarah Marjin, 33 from Harrowgate, has changed her profile picture on facebook to one of the actress Kirsten Dunst under the belief that they are similar in appearance. Some scepticism has emerged amongst Sarah’s friends.

“She doesn’t look like Kirsten Dunst in anyway whatsoever. If she did, I would definitely have tried to sleep with her a lot more. ” Said Tom, an acquaintance of Sarah’s for several years.

After Sarah posted, “I’ve changed my profile pic because people say I’m a dead ringer for Kirsten Dunst! xoxoxo”, comments quickly followed, including;

“What, as in your face?”

“The Kirsten Dunst?”

“Has Kirsten Dunst had some terrible accident?”




In response, Sarah posted, “What can I say? People mention all the time how I look a bit like Kirsten Dunst. I guess some people are just jealous!”

When Sarah wrote this on Facebook, Nicole, one of her Sarah’s friends wrote, “No-one’s jealous of your face. Honest. Those people saying you look like Kirsten Dunst need to stop telling lies. Laters Babe.”


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