Sep 092013
A close-up of some beer.

George Bosta, 35 of Newcastle, has given up drinking beer and as a result, has found he has lots of free time on his hands.

George talked to our special correspondent, Johnny Spoons.

George said, “I decided I was wasting my life going to the local boozer every night and getting all beered up – so I said enough! I’m going to start making the most of life – sans beer!”

Where there any other reasons George had given up beer? “Well, two reasons really. My sweat had such a high concentration of beer in it, that it was more beer than sweat and secondly, it was hurting inside.”

Spiritually or physically? “A bit of both but it was mainly that my liver started to wake me up in the middle of the night.”

Just how many nights was George drinking beer? ‘How many nights are there in a week?’ Er, seven? “I meant that rhetorically…” George told us. Before adding, “I meant seven.”

So how has George’s life changed? “Well, I have got a lot more free time. I watch films, drink coffee, read books and stare at the wall thinking about not drinking beer.”

George continued, “I did go to the pub after I stopped drinking beer but I realised it’s the whole beer bit of the pub that’s the most fun compared to say, anything else about the pub.”

Did George feel that there are any downsides to giving up the beer? “Well I suppose I’m a bit bored and I don’t get to drink beer any more.” George added, “Have you got any beer? Can I have it? Now.”

Good luck George! We salute you.

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