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“Alright, I ‘spose.” Were the dramatic words of Kevin Brock, when asked how he was feeling after his extraordinary feat of survival.

Kevin Brock, the 27-year-old Briton, who was the only person to survive the tragic crash of flight 6927 has spoken to the world’s press for the first time. Despite 327 people dying in the accident, Kevin walked away with only a few cuts and bruises.

Was he suffering any physical effects from the incident? “I’ve got a bit of a headache and it hurts when I pee.” Kevin said, as he looked contemplatively into the distance. “Though that might not be related to the crash.” Doctors said they had prescribed Kevin a course of paracetamol for the headache and had taken a urine test and the results would be back in a couple of weeks.

Does he feel guilty about being the sole survivor of an accident which claimed so many lives? “No.” Kevin replied, “When you’re lucky, you’re lucky.”

As for his plans for the future, Kevin said he hoped to quit his job at the door handle factory as “I really hate the job.” The manager of the factory where Kevin works said, “We have been praying for Kevin and can’t wait to see him again.” When told that Kevin was hoping never to see the factory again as long as he lives, the manager said. “He really said that? That’s quite hurtful.”

Kevin can expect to earn millions by writing a book and the probability of a film being made that tells his dramatic and against-the-odds survival. To this Kevin said, “Jackpot!”

How as his near-death experience changed him, “It’s made me wary of getting on a plane. And I tend to scream in my sleep.”

The press conference ended as Kevin answered all remaining questions, “When you’re lucky, you’re lucky.”

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