May 012013

Shaun McDiddle, a contestant on this year’s The Apprentice has proven himself the ultimate go-getter by going and getting his eyes surgically replaced with those of a tiger.

Shaun said, “As an entrepreneur and businessman I need eyes that can keep up with me. The eyes of a tiger seemed the only choice – I won’t settle for second-class human eyes. They are for chumps and poor people.”

Animal rights campaigners have described the transplant as “unbelievable”, “disgusting” and “criminal” adding “This guy’s real a piece of shit – let’s get him.”

However a doctor has warned of the possible dangers, “It’s not ‘possible dangers’, it’s ‘definite dangers’. The massive volume of drugs his body will require to prevent rejection of matter from another species will cause his body irreparable harm. Blindness is certain and he will most likely die.”

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