Sep 102013
Tony Blair shouting

To the surprise of not a living soul on God’s green earth, Tony Blair announced his support for military intervention in Syria.

One political commentator said, “It’s got a desert, Muslims live there, it’s a middle east country. No question – Tony Blair thinks we should bomb the extremism out of it.”

Members of the public everywhere reacted without any astonishment whatsoever to the news that Tony Blair is in favour of intervention.

The people of Iraq laughed and cried as they read quotes from Tony Blair at how the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a perfect blue print for Syria. Across Iraq people were shouting “The war criminal is a mad man!” Tony Blair insisted that the situations in Iraq and 2003 and Syria in 2013 are the same despite this in no way being the case.

At least one junior journalist in every media outlet was given the assignment of getting a quote confirming the absolute certainty that was Tony Blair supporting the dropping of bombs on Syria.

A former cabinet colleague of Tony Blair said, “Tony doesn’t think there is a problem involving a middle east country and/or Muslims that cannot be solved with enough advanced weaponry.”

We phoned Tony Blair’s office for a comment. “Is that Tony…”. “BOMB! NOW! MWAHAHAHA!” Click.

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